About Qwak House


Battle Plan

Qwak House has the plan to create a community that all have a love for collecting, painting, building and battling miniatures and collectable models. We hope to create a community together between Qwak House, the designers and the collectors. With regularly updated products available for you.


Its always best to keep Qwak House close by.

Birth of Qwak House

Qwak House was an idea put together by two everyday blokes looking for a way to enjoy both of their hobbies, 3D printing and Miniatures. With a few brainstorms and a bit of research they came up with the idea that if this is something they want there must be an entire community waiting to form. Where collectors can come together to buy, share and enjoy a range of products that excites their creative minds.

Alex & Dave’s Story

We believe we are a couple of down-to-earth, friendly guys. We are hobbyists just like everyone else in the community and love all things collectable and geeky! We come from similar working backgrounds, both working in large and small companies from various industries but most importantly never in an industry we loved. Never doing what we loved… until now! From Qwak House you can see what exactly we love to do and we are so excited to share our love of the hobby with everyone else!

Affiliated Designers


– Creating Comic Book & Movie figures to excite all things super!


Red Makers

– Board game enthusiasts bringing Sci-Fi miniatures to the tabletop games



– Creating high quality fantasy miniatures for all types of tabletop gaming



– Creating models in the Japanese art of Chibi. Creating memorable characters in this style


Star Wars 3D

– Creating famous characters and props from the famous brand!


Alexei Konev

– Providing high quality fan art, miniatures and models that range from Fantasy to Sci-Fi fit for collecting, painting or using on tabletop games


– Providing high quality fan art in all things Anime!